Planning A Great And Fun Class Reunion

Class reunions are one of the most unique and best experiences we will ever have in our lives. After spending months, years maybe without seeing your classmates or batch mates whether it be school or college, a reunion is a great way to bring ball all the fond memories and have fun while doing it. You will meet old friends, create memories to look back on later again, overall it will be a celebration that you would never forget for the rest of your life. Now obviously this sounds all fun and games until you actually have to go ahead and plan the event yourself. Indulge in these easy tips to know how to plan an amazing reunion you can all enjoy!

Think of the venue and food

Obviously this is important as you cannot hold a reunion party in anyone’s house unless it is rather huge to fit the crowd in. Look for a good hall or private dining, but it cannot be somewhere that is easy only for you to go to, you have to think about your guests as well. It has to be in a place that will make it easy for everyone to go to. If everyone is planning the reunion together then discuss about pitching in a certain amount of money to reach a budget so you can go ahead and maybe spend it on an exciting time at best seafood restaurant.

Your next step is to discuss about dinner or lunch arrangements depending on the time of the party. Personally, it is best for you to plan on a reunion party in the night because dinner parties tend to be more exciting than normal lunch parties. Try to be unique when it comes to the food instead of making sure there is basic food at the party. Go out of your limits and maybe get different food like Mexican, sushi or seafood from a seafood restaurant. It will create a nice twist in the party for your guests.

Partying ideas

As everyone who is attending is not going to be very old, you have to make sure there is good music and different entertainment options available to please the guests. They will be looking for fun the whole time so it is best to broaden your horizons and have many options available. Get a good DJ who will play during the whole party, look for classic games or invent your own games as well. Collect memories of everyone and have a giant slide-show, have a photo booth and maybe even give out yearbooks one last time at the end of the party.

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